Modern United States culture is inundated with an unhealthy fear of bacteria. It is why antibiotics are so sought after and subsequently abused, creating a whole other set of health problems that must be dealt with.

One of the biggest dangers of antibiotics is the fact that they are designed to kill all bacteria, good and bad, which is both good and bad.

Before getting into the gritty details of what to expect when searching for the right probiotic supplement, it is important to understand what “good bacteria” is, and how probiotics can help improve overall health and the body’s systemic functions.

What Is “Good Bacteria”?

John Staughton at SienceABC explains that good bacteria are the microorganisms in every human body that are out to help improve health and keep the body’s overall systems running smoothly.

Bacteria are everywhere, and the good ones are necessary for a properly functioning health system.

The biologists at Arizona State University explain that good bacteria are necessary for proper digestion, especially when it comes to breaking down materials that are made up of complex carbohydrates and the like.

Probiotic supplements are often necessary additions to a diet because most people do not eat bacteria-rich foods on a regular basis.

The primary source of probiotics in food centers on fermented varieties, which includes yogurt and pickled fruits and vegetable.

Thus, adding a probiotic supplement to one’s diet is an easy and effective way to ensure that the body is equipped with enough good bacteria.

These bacteria will, in turn, ensure that the body’s systems are working at peak efficiency.

The big and the short of it is that without good bacteria in one’s system, the body cannot properly function.

A healthy, probiotic-rich diet is a solid first step in trying to supplement a good bacteria population, but supplements can help boost that population even further.

How Can Probiotics Help?

According to Harvard Health, probiotics are important for one’s health, especially when an individual goes on antibiotics to treat an infection or otherwise clear out bad bacteria that is causing problems.

Probiotics are designed, in large part, to improve one’s gut health, boost the immune system, and create a more viable environment in the body for good bacteria to thrive.

For men, in particular, probiotics are good for boosting prostate health and, in some cases, providing extra hormone support.

Some probiotic strains have even been proven to help with weight loss and in treating different skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

In rarer cases, positive improvements in mood disorders have been recorded for those individuals who have added probiotic supplements to their overall diet.

For men, there are quite a few options when it comes to probiotic supplements. Figuring out which of those supplements works best for the individual is crucial to obtaining and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

The Five Best Probiotics for Men

When it comes to choosing a probiotic, Dr. David Williams suggests looking closely at the probiotic strains that are included in a supplement, how the probiotics are delivered into the body’s systems, and to keep an eye on the company’s business practices (do they offer a money-back guarantee? are they a trustworthy health business? and so on).

The purpose of these probiotics, explains Dr. Josh Axe, is to “absorb nutrients and fight infection.”

Therefore, when searching for the right probiotic, ensure that it will be able to serve these crucial purposes.

Before going out and purchasing a probiotic, take a careful look at the product description and ensure that it is the best possible investment and choice to improve your body’s overall health.

5. Solaray mycrobiome probiotic Men’s Formula

Solaray’s probiotic formula includes a blend of 24 different bacterial strains and 30 billion live colonies to help get one’s bacterial health back into line.

Each bottle contains 30 vegetable capsules, that are meant to be taken daily, at a fair price.

This probiotic supplement is targeted at colon, prostate, digestive, and immune health, and claims to also support athletic activity and overall muscle health.


  • Affordable
  • A Wide variety of bacterial strains for maximum health potential
  • Engineered for men’s health specifically


  • Lower than average live bacterial culture count
  • Requires refrigeration

4. Garden of Life Probiotics for Men

Garden of Life offers a probiotic blend that includes 15 different strains of probiotic bacteria cultures, such as lactobacillus, acidophilus, and bifidobacteria (which are excellent for digestive and gut health).

The supplement package includes 30 veggie cap pills that are taken once a day and promises to deliver 50 billion colony forming units (CFU). This product is backed by David Perlmutter, M.D., and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.


  • 15 probiotic cultures
  • Live bacteria for better absorption
  • Targeted at digestive health


  • Some complaints of skin irritation or rash
  • On the pricier end

3. Renew Life – Ultimate Flora Probiotic Men’s Complete

With a staggering 90 billion bacterial cultures that are designed specifically for the male body, Renew Life’s probiotic formula is a good bacteria force to be reckoned with.

This many live bacterial cultures should have no issue making their way into the body’s systemic network and getting to work.

The blend includes 14 different probiotic strains and is engineered for supporting men’s digestive and immune health.

Each bottle comes with 30 vegetable capsules and is completely dairy, soy, and gluten-free.


  • An Enormous amount of bacterial cultures
  • Designed to support a healthy gut
  • Made specifically for the male body


  • Must be kept refrigerated
  • On the pricier end

2. Garden of Life – RAW Probiotics for Men

This Garden of Life men’s probiotic blend is a super-charged version with 85 billion live bacterial cultures and 31 probiotic strains.

The supplement targets colon, prostate, gut, and heart health in particular, and is perfect as an addition to a healthy male diet.

Each bottle contains 90 vegetable capsules that are packed full of living bacteria. This Garden of Life supplement can help men better digest nutrients and reduce their stress levels, leading to a more balanced lifestyle overall.


  • Good value and price
  • A High amount of live bacterial cultures
  • Engineered specifically for men’s health


  • Requires refrigeration
  • Some complaints about gut sensitivity

1. Men’s Elite Probiotic

Men’s Elite Probiotic markets itself as the only testosterone supporting probiotic on the market.

Each of the 30 vegetable capsules includes 50 billion live bacterial cultures and seven super-powered bacterial strains that specifically target problem areas in men’s health.

This supplement is targeted at supporting heart, immune system, and digestive health, and claims to also be able to boost male hormone development and production as well as health maintenance of a lean body.


  • Testosterone boost for men
  • High degree of live bacterial cultures
  • Does not require refrigeration


  • Low bacterial strain diversity
  • On the pricier end

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